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Reality of Amrit Kal - Is India Totally Decoupled from Global Factors?

Fed paused rate hikes in their last FOMC meet. Inflation is reducing. Markets are taking a cue from this and getting back to Risk On mode. Wall Street has been publishing scores of bulilish stock market out look for 2024. Analysts expect lower inflation, lower interest rates, resilient consumers and strong returns for big Tech. So far, we have seen disinflation, mainly driven by supply side with a big post pandemic rebound in production and productivity. What will be a worry in 2024 is demand side story – which is not as rosy as what people are expecting. And that is bad disinflation.

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6 Lessons for Nervous Investors

Through Larissa of Morningstar, I received following queries of an Investor. I was asked to give my views on the same. I requested her to let me write a piece on these queries instead of taking my quotes in bits and pieces and reproducing them. I personally felt that these are queries on minds of most Investors in the current market situation and felt the urge for writing the entire article for benefit of all readers. I wish to thank Larissa for giving me this opportunity.

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Introduction to A2A Platform

Misterbond A2A Platform – Introduction A2A – Advisor 2 Advisor

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My Interview by Mr Vijay Venkatraman Of Wealth Forum

Advisor Speak - Wealth Forum - MisterBond's wisdom distilled into a book

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Is discontinuing life insurance a smart retirement savings move?

Till What Stage Are Insurance Policies Useful? Many investors believe in taking an insurance cover for themselves & their families. They may opt for any one of the above or a combination of both. Of late even Unit Linked Insurance Plans have started becoming popular; wherein besides insurance, these schemes invest premiums received either in debt securities or equity or a combination of both.

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Understanding Investor Behavior & Biases

To become a successful advisor, one must understand investor behavior & biases. Sometimes Investors become overconfident & sometimes too conservative. Unless & until we get them to think logically & not irrationally, we as advisors will not be able to achieve the tasks assigned to us viz. an effective financial planning for their various life goals. A very important Investor Bias is called AVAILABILITY BIAS. Their investment decisions get strongly influenced by recent market events. If in the recent past stock markets have corrected or interest rates have gone up (thereby generating negative portfolio returns); in all likelihood, these investors will never look to invest in equities or debt schemes due to this AVAILABILITY BIAS. However, generally these are sometimes the best times to invest.

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IFA Galaxy Chennai

My Presentation with IFA Galaxy in Chennai