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My Take on FT Saga: Winding up of 6 Credit Risk Schemes

This note may sound like I am trying to defend the indefensible. I am only trying to bring in a very different and a dispassionate view to this entire saga and its implications and repercussions. What has happened has already happened; what we can salvage and communicate with our Investors will make all the difference. Otherwise, entire Credit space and with that Debt schemes of entire Mutual Fund Industry will have existential crisis. We will lose faith and confidence of Investors with huge credibility issues going forward. Hence, all I am trying to do is Control the Controllable and not concentrate on what is already done and not in our hands. Those who know me, know that I have always found some positive message in any times of crisis be it JSPL, Amtek Auto fiasco, 2013 Income Fund fiasco or 2019 FMP fiasco due to delay by Essel group.

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Lessons Learnt????? Time to Adopt New Investment Mantras?????

Most experts were predicting S&P Sensex to be above 42500 and NIFTY 50 above 13000 levels by March 2020. With this back ground, let me start my narrative of this article and my own thoughts on where we went wrong, what should have been our role as Advisors, should we have only listened to the Experts and not applied Logic and Common Sense to our Advisory practice and finally should we have continued to believe in the old adages like Buy and Hold, SIP Karo Bhool Jao and Do Not Time the Markets?

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MisterBond's take on current crisis in debt markets due to Mutual Fund Exposure to Essel Group with exposure to Zee shares as Collaterals

Please understand the choices MFs had on debt given to Essel group against Zee shares. Let us act maturely, stay calm, think logically, not panic and hand hold investors during such trying times instead of adding fuel to fire which is being done by Media on a daily basis. Our job as advisors is not to be part of the Herd bit be outside the Herd and guide the investors on the right path. Just my thoughts - take them or ignore them.

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10 Mantras Of Misterbonds Successful Advisory Practice

MANTRAS for a successful Advisory Practice which has kept me in good stead and managed to maybe think differently

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SANTOSHONOMICS - Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Many may not know that my GURU in the debt markets from whom I have learnt a lot through many personal interactions, telephonic and mail conversations is none other than Santosh Kamath. I think he joined FT in 2006 and my initial interactions were few and far between. But first real interaction happened when one of his schemes viz Short Term Income plan delivered close to his captured YTM returns over one year period even in the year when 1 year CD rates went up by 400 bps (4%).

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Upgrades V/s Downgrades Story

All of us predicted a Dooms Day scenario as far as investing in debt schemes was concerned (specifically Accrual Schemes). Fortunately I had penned 4 articles during this period (which are still relevant in terms of its content & message) & wish to take some credit for bringing sanity back in the Industry. We would have killed Accrual Schemes as an Asset Class; the only alternative to beat Fixed Deposits which is the preferred investment vehicle of the investors.

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Alpha Over Index by Fund Managers & Alpha Over Fund Managers by Advisors

As Advisors our role does not end by selecting right scheme/AMC/Fund Manager over the Benchmark. There is one more Alpha that we can generate over & above the Fund Managers’ Alpha & that is the right Asset Allocation, Buy Low Sell High & incorporating a strategy for regular profit booking.

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Correlation Between Sensex 10 Year Rolling Returns & Performance of Equity as an Asset Class

In my earlier article, I had written about What Not to Do rather than What One Should Do while selecting equity as an asset class for investment in Investor portfolios. This article will high light some interesting correlation between Sensex 10 Year rolling returns & performance of Equity as an asset class post that. I did some analysis of Sensex 10 year rolling returns & came to some interesting conclusions. Please note that these are only statistics at the end of the day. Hence, please treat it as such & take an informed decision based on other Macro parameters prevalent at the time of investments.

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Letter to Editor – Economic Times

I am an avid reader of your paper. I am also a Financial Advisor of repute with more than 30 years of experience. I have been advising corporate clients on their treasury management. I also conduct workshops for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) pan India & guide them on various aspects of Mutual Funds. I conduct Investor Awareness Programs across the country & also advise Mutual Funds on how to position their own schemes & products. Reason I am giving my detailed back ground is so that you understand that I am one of the important voices of the mutual fund industry & a lot of IFAs & MFs look up to my views & comments on various issues relating to MF industry. My comments are frequently reported in various business papers including ET.

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How to Communicate Effectively & Create Smart Investors

What are the key communications which the industry should focus in the current Year to strengthen this new-found behavioral change of the investors (for the better & for their own benefit)? We need to keep this momentum going & ensure that we create Happy Investors who in turn become the Brand Ambassadors for our Industry & start looking at Mutual Fund investments as their First Choice. MF schemes should become PULL products rather than PUSH products.