Build Mutual Fund Practice only from DAAF Schemes

Advisors can build their entire Mutual Fund practice by embracing only Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds (DAAF) instead of investing in Market Cap Bias schemes like Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap or by investing in Sectoral Funds like Pharma, Infrastructure, etc. Many were not even aware of this category only when Markets turn volatile, bearish, uncertain is the time when talk of this category gets noticed and talked about. Most media – print and television have started highlighting virtues of this Category and become proponents of the same. However, those who follow me, read my articles, attended my lectures or Webinars or seen my Workshop videos are aware of my thoughts on this category since past 8-10 years. I have always treated this category as ALL SEASONS STRATEGY which can work well in any Market conditions and also deliver happy investing experience.


How to Advice Clients

Many times, I am asked whether there should be different strategies for different sets of Investors for achieving their different goals. Basically, should there be a different strategy of investing in Equity or Debt as an asset class for so called “Aggressive Investor” and a different strategy “Conservative Investors”? From my last 33 years of experience in Finance markets and almost 25 years in Wealth Advisory/Mutual Fund practice; my experience is that you cannot bucket Investors as “Aggressive” and/or “Conservative”. I have seen the most conservative investor (pure Fixed Deposit Investor) becoming most aggressive when markets are on a one-way upward movement and the most aggressive Investor becoming the most conservative when markets move against him.