Think Hatke

A Practical Journey on The Path To Wealth Creation.

  • Think Hatke has been the biggest strength in my Advisory practice and has kept me in good stead in guiding my Investors as well as my Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD) friends during times of crisis in the Mutual Fund (MF) Industry.
  • In this Book, I will share my experiences of more than 36 years in the finance markets and almost 26 years in the MF Industry (since 1995 when Private Sector MFs started becoming popular) and illustrate how did I Think Hatke under various situations. These will be real life stories and experiences. Hope readers benefit from these experiences.
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Pearls of Financial Wisdom

A Handbook for Investment Advisors

  • Are you a Professional in Mutual Fund Industry?
  • Are you looking to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your skills on Mutual Funds?
  • Are you grappling with understanding and demystifying Debt Market Concepts and Jargons?
  • Are you looking to conduct effective sales meets with your prospective customers and improve your soft skills?
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Make Your Destination a Journey to Remember – Through Financial Planning

A book for Investors and Advisors alike

  • Do you wish to know why Financial Planning should be started from day 1 of starting of your career through the Rule of 30:30? And what is this Rule of 30:30?
  • Do you wish to know what is Pre-Financial Planning steps and how they are important to safeguard your income stream?
  • Do you wish to know what are the practical steps one needs to undertake; even beyond Financial Planning steps to make your Investment journey for and your family smoother and more effective?
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