Pearls of Financial Wisdom

A Handbook for Investment Advisors

  • Are you a Professional in Mutual Fund Industry?
  • Are you looking to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your skills on Mutual Funds?
  • Are you grappling with understanding and demystifying Debt Market Concepts and Jargons?
  • Are you looking to conduct effective sales meets with your prospective customers and improve your soft skills?
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Make Your Destination a Journey to Remember – Through Financial Planning

A book for Investors and Advisors alike

  • Do you wish to know why Financial Planning should be started from day 1 of starting of your career through the Rule of 30:30? And what is this Rule of 30:30?
  • Do you wish to know what is Pre-Financial Planning steps and how they are important to safeguard your income stream?
  • Do you wish to know what are the practical steps one needs to undertake; even beyond Financial Planning steps to make your Investment journey for and your family smoother and more effective?
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