Make Your Destination a Journey to Remember – Through Financial Planning

A book for Investors and Advisors alike

  • Do you wish to know why Financial Planning should be started from day 1 of starting of your career through the Rule of 30:30? And what is this Rule of 30:30?
  • Do you wish to know what is Pre-Financial Planning steps and how they are important to safeguard your income stream?
  • Do you wish to know what are the practical steps one needs to undertake; even beyond Financial Planning steps to make your Investment journey for and your family smoother and more effective?
  • Do you wish to know who is the Invisible Villain and how to counter it for a successful financial planning journey?
  • Do you wish to give excuses or wish to give wings to your dreams and aspirations?
  • Do you wish to know when Traditional Insurance products become redundant?
  • Do you wish to know how to manage Senior Citizen portfolios and how and why these should be treated as multi-generation assets?

Your search for all these queries and many more ends here. “Make Your Destination a Journey to Remember – through Financial Planning” is a handbook for Investors and Advisors (to guide their Investors) in their Financial Planning journey. Most Investors think of investments as a mere arithmetic exercise to achieve certain goals. Savings and Investments can be understood with more clarity if this “Arithmetic Exercise” is combined with common sense and logic. This book speaks beyond just numbers and adds Logic, Common Sense, Practical Ideas that will take Investment Journey smoother, less volatile and effective.

This book is penned by Mr. Sunil Jhaveri, aka MisterBond in the Mutual Fund Industry.

He is in the Finance Industry since past 34 years and in Mutual Fund Industry since past 26 years. This is the 3rd Edition (almost sold more than 10,000 copies) with many new chapters and is like a Bible for anyone who is looking for step by step approach to their Financial Planning.

Highly recommended for Advisors to give this Book as a Gift to their Investors