Transacting through MFU/BSE

Advantages of using BSE StAR MF (Register with BSE Star MF):

  • Independent view of customer's entire portfolio at one place
  • Reduction of paperwork and ensuing errors
  • Reduction of redundancy in process and data duplication at RTA and Distributor levels
  • De-risking MF settlement processes by using superior Delivery v/s Payment (DVP) process provided by Stock Exchanges
  • Efficiently & effectively address customer servicing issues
  • Extending present convenience available to Secondary market to mutual fund investors
  • Enable transparency to customers
  • Enable charging customers for service at the point where it is rendered

MF Utility (MFU) provides a whole lot of features to Investors like:-

  • Common Account Number (CAN) – a single reference for all the Mutual Fund investments
  • Common Transaction Form to transact in multiple schemes at a time, across Mutual Funds
  • Single payment facility for investments in multiple schemes across Mutual Funds, using a single form
  • Multiple modes of payments for investments through physical and electronic means
  • Consolidated view of investments across the industry using CAN
  • Industry level alerts, triggers, reminders etc. for transactions, SIP expiry etc.