About Me

Sunil Jhaveri aka MisterBond, is a Mentor, a Coach, an Author and an Advisor. He is extremely popular with his peers, colleagues, business partners and his investors. In the words of one of his IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) friends “The biggest plus point with him is that he is grounded to earth and is very accessible. Gives a Big Broad Smile whenever you meet him. True Inspiration.”

He is also a consultant to many AMCs with whom he interacts on regular basis to give new ideas on scheme designing, add on features, positioning of their schemes in right perspective. His contribution to the MF Industry can be summarized by some of the ideas which have now become part of the MF Industry norms:

  • He has trained more than 50,000 IFAs, Wealth Managers of Banks and Sales Teams of Mutual Funds over the past 5 years
  • He recommended that SIPs should be done on weekly basis. Till then SIP was only a monthly phenomenon
  • He has been a vociferous advocate of only showing Rolling Returns rather than Point to Point returns. Many AMCs have started showing Rolling Returns in their fact sheets
  • He was the first to advocate waiver of Exit Loads for SWPs from Debt Schemes (post LTCG period changing from 1 year to 3 year for debt schemes) and Equity Schemes for generating better tax efficiency and assured cash flows. Most AMCs have adopted this suggestion
  • He has put traditional wisdom on its head by recommending infusion of flavors of equity in Senior Citizen portfolios with some credible back tested data
  • He is closely working with a few AMCs to create add on features to marry fundamentals to SIP Investing - disinvesting and make them truly Fill It, Shut It and Forget It features
  • He is the first one in the industry who has talked about Exit Strategy from SIPs. All in the industry have been only speaking about SIP KARO BHOOL JAO
  • He has created 3 Smart Investment Solutions which are being used by IFA community for their investors
  • His Smart Investment Solutions are going against the old adages like “BUY and HOLD”, “SIP KARO BHOOL JAO” and “DO NOT TIME THE MARKET”
  • Many of his ideas are Products and Schemes of some of the AMC

As an author he has penned two books viz. “Make Your Destination a Journey to Remember – Through Financial Planning” an easy guide for Investors to maneuver their way through complex world of Financial Planning and Investments and the second one Titled “Pearls of Financial Wisdom” a Bible for anyone who is in Mutual Fund Business. Combined sales of both books are more than 30,000 copies.

His articles and his professional journey are motivational, thought provoking and always evokes positive vibes for his readers and friends. His awe-inspiring video of his story titled “Obstacles are not Obstructions but Instructions to Move Forward” (available for viewing on this website) motivates many IFAs across the country who are currently confused due to too many Regulatory changes affecting their MF Business. In words of another IFA friend “I am a big fan of yours. This video has increased my faith and trust in our industry. Cleared all my doubts; I am in best field and can do anything. Your Story is very inspiring for everyone”. 

His articles and views always have a different twist and positive messages even in worst of crisis which is evident in a series of articles he wrote during JSPL and Amtek Auto Debt Downgrade and Default fiascos. This link will give access to 6 articles of MisterBond which he had penned during and post JSPL downgrade and Amtek Auto default: (https://goo.gl/Eoczy5). His Letter to the Editor of The Economic Times shows how passionate he is about his profession and has the ability and courage to speak on behalf of the entire IFA Community (http://goo.gl/WocEtd) He contributes towards the betterment of the MF Industry without any strings attached and without any expectations  Comment by one of the IFAs to his article on JSPL Downgrade reads as: “The most amazing analysis from the most amazing analyst you will ever come across....views very different from momentum followers...an eye opener...Sunil Jhaveri Sir (MisterBond) should be made the guru of all IFAs...lot to learn from him....if IFAs follow him rigorously they are bound to create great wealth for themselves and their clients”

Such responses, love, respect and request for him to become a Mentor for the IFA Community has helped him create a Platform for his IFA friends viz. Advisor 2 Advisor (A2A) Platform through his website www.misterbond.in. He now conducts (besides zipping across the country for his Workshops) his workshops on this Platform wherein IFAs are subscribing to it for their Knowledge Enhancement and Outsourcing. His new avatar website features 3 Smart Investment Solutions with transactions capabilities for the IFA community, Calculators, Videos and Articles.

He has received following awards in the recent past:

At Wealthform Conference in July 2016:

For contributing Best Articles – voted by the IFA Community

Oracle Award for Best Mentor – For Empowering IFAs across the country

At MFRT Conference in 2017:

MFRT Award for Excellence in Training and Empowering MF Industry