Pearls of Financial Wisdom

A Handbook for Investment Advisors

  • Are you a Professional in Mutual Fund Industry?
  • Are you looking to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your skills on Mutual Funds?
  • Are you grappling with understanding and demystifying Debt Market Concepts and Jargons?
  • Are you looking to conduct effective sales meets with your prospective customers and improve your soft skills?
  • Are you looking to move away from SELLING to ENGAGING with your Investors?
  • Do you wish to know the secret 4-point Mantra of MisterBond to get Mind Share and Wallet Share of your Investors?
  • Do you wish to sell Equity as an asset class more intelligently and not fall prey to old adages of “Buy & Hold”, “SIP Karo Bhool Jao” and “Do Not Time the Markets”?
  • Do you wish to understand how not to create CHAKRAVYUHA for your Equity Investors who are not told how to Exit or do Profit Booking?

Your search for these queries and many more ends here. This book “PEARLS OF FINANCIAL WISDOM” is penned by Mr. Sunil Jhaveri, aka MisterBond in the Mutual Fund Industry.

He is in the Finance Industry since past 34 years and in Mutual Fund Industry since past 26 years. This is the 3rd Edition (almost sold more than 15,000 copies) with many new chapters and is like a Bible for anyone who is in Mutual Fund practice be it: Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs), Wealth Managers in Banks or Relationship Managers in a Mutual Fund House. He has trained more than 50,000 IFAs, Wealth Management Teams of Banks and National Distributors and Relationship Managers of Mutual Funds over past 5 years.