Which asset class is true MIP?

posted on 25 November 2013 by Sunil Jhaveri

Investors looking at monthly cash flows gravitate towards asset classes like Monthly Income schemes to manage their cash flow issues due to wrong nomenclature attached to this asset class. Little do they realise the folly of this selection as underlying asset class they are depending to generate this cash flow is equity (at least 15-25% of the portfolio) & rest is debt. In these volatile markets; both debt & equity, have generated negative returns & if one asset class is doing well (like say equity in current market situation); debt markets; both at long end and short end have been posting negative returns. Also, in crisis times like 2008-2009 wherein equities posted more than 50%  plus negative returns; most of the MIPs skipped declaring dividends for the entire one year. In such times, one can imagine the plight of investors depending on this asset class to generate regular/monthly cash flows to meet their ever growing expenses. Not only do they not get their regular income; they a