Smart & Effective Ways Of Investing In Equity Markets

posted on 09 March 2016 by Sunil Jhaveri

Most times investors are not sure of how the equity markets will perform, what is the direction of the market (upward trend or downward trend), what are the implications of global scenario on our equity markets, etc. In such cases & in almost in all cases, investors need to follow some strategies that can protect them on the downside & participate in the upside of the equity markets. Years like 2008-2009, 2010-2011, & the current year with huge volatility, an investor must tread cautiously & then invest funds in the equity markets. No one can predict where the markets are headed at some points in time. Last year Budget, most experts predicted our Equity markets to be at 30-32000 level Sensex by December 2015; here we are currently between 23-24,000 levels of Sensex. Unfortunately when markets were at 25,000, everyone said invest for long term, same call was repeated when markets started going up to 30,000 levels of Sensex as well. When investors start looking at such huge volatility &