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Debt Investing In Equity Language – Post JSPL

posted on 16 March 2016 by Sunil Jhaveri

Once again media & Twitteratis went to town to create huge noise around JSPL downgrade to D by CRISIL a few days back. As responsible institutions, one should weigh both pros & cons of an event, its impact on markets & portfolios & come up with some sensible solution for the readers & hand hold them instead of only instilling fear in investors’ minds who can then take some knee jerk, irrational decisions on their portfolios which in the bargain are injurious to their financial health & injurious to the overall industry as a whole. One can actually draw a lot of comfort from Amtek Auto/JSPL issues by analyzing the positives of the whole situations. Since most investors understand the language of Equity investing (v/s investments in Debt markets), let me draw some similes & explain the same for readers’ benefit.