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Start Early - The Marathon Of Life 3.0

Aman started early in his life and raced towards his goals! Rise, focus and get a head start because those who start early often go the farthest in this marathon of life.  
#TheMarathonOfLife #StartEarly

Step Up - The Marathon of Life 3.0

Life is always going to test you and no matter how bad it may seem, we can always step up and beat it. Prachi realized that stepping up would help her realize her goals in life. Reach your goal, step up your efforts and reach a higher milestone! #TheMarathonOfLife #StepUp

Have a Goal - The Marathon Of Life 3.0

You can do anything if you set goals. You just have to push yourself. Tara’s goals helped her to achieve a larger purpose in life. #TheMarathonOfLife #Goal

Realise the Power of Compounding - The Marathon Of Life 3.0

Your victories are larger than the sum total of your efforts. Anuja realized that her success was greater than all her milestones put together. She continues to believe in breaking barriers with her running and achieving more with every passing day! #TheMarathonOfLife #PowerOfCompounding

It's Never Too Late - The Marathon Of Life 3.0

It’s never too late to follow your dreams, and the best time to start is NOW. At 67, Manmohan has completed over 88 half-marathons and dreams to eventually run 100 half-marathons! #TheMarathonOfLife #NeverTooLate

Diversify Your Efforts - The Marathon of Life 3.0

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, be it in life or investments! Abhishek worked on his strengths and weaknesses and #diversified his efforts to ultimately become an ironman. #TheMarathonOfLife #Diversification

No Risk. No Rewards. - The Marathon of Life 3.0

#Risk is nothing but a well thought of decision which can bring about a positive change in one’s life! Praveen Kumar, an ex-navy commando and a #triathlete, embraced risk at different points in his life and emerged victorious. #TheMarathonOfLife #NoRiskNoRewards

Be Resilient - The Marathon Of Life 3.0

When nothing goes your way, what helps you persevere is your #resilience and commitment. Despite setbacks, Nihad’s resilience helped him stay motivated and become a #marathoner. #TheMarathonOfLife

Nothing moves in smooth and linear line - Life or Markets

Nothing moves in smooth and linear line - Life or Markets. Many are new normals. Datte raho, lage raho. Do not give up. Continue your SIP through Highs and Lows of Markets: 

Reach for Better. Do not Exit at wrong time.

Reach for Better. Do not Exit at wrong time. It can be harmful in your life or in your investment journey. Datte Raho through Highs and Lows and make Volatility your friend. 

Would you have opted for Systematic Investments (SIP) if markets were linear - going one way up or one way down? 

You opted for SIP because markets are volatile. Make the most of it when Markets are down. Accumulate more units during this phase to generate better wealth creation opportunities when Markets take a U turn from this correction phase.

What is Asset Allocation and its Importance?

As the old adage goes: Do not put all Eggs in one Basket. What if the basket falls and all eggs break? Similarly on the Investment front, one needs to diversify their investments in different asset classes.

Understanding Asset Classes and their Types

Asset Classes are a building block to a good investment strategy. A proper understanding of the types of assets is important to make wise investment decisions. Watch this video to know how these two are related and the types of financial instruments.

What is Personal Financial Planning and its Importance?

A personal financial plan is nothing but a step-by-step approach to meet one’s life goals. Personal Financial Planning focuses on providing sound financial advice for individuals as well as businesses. Why go for a Financial Plan? Watch the video for more

Difference Between Saving Money and Investing Money

INCOME-SPENDING = SAVINGS. But is that enough? Answer is a big NO. 

Savings is not equal to Investing.

Wealth creation is directly proportional to your Savings and Investing habits. More you Save and more you Invest; better the prospect of creating inflation beating wealth.

#GoodEMI Chase

Have EMIs taken over your salary? Get smart and start a #GoodEMI. SIP is like a Good EMI that can help you invest for a brighter future.

I am capable of more - Hardware Engineer #InvestForProgress

Ms.Ginni Rometty is CEO and President of IBM since 2012. Who better than a HomeMaker to know the importance of Savings and Investing? Women are the best multi taskers and can manage work - life balance extremely well. Don't just earn - invest.

I am capable of more - Actuarial Scientist #InvestForProgress

It is nearly 90 years since the first woman actuary qualified in the UK. The profession has 2,500 female Fellows of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, making up nearly 23% of qualified actuaries. Who better than HomeMakers to know the importance of Savings and Investing? Women are the best multi taskers and can manage work - life balance extremely well. Don't just earn - invest.

I am capable of more - Entrepreneur #InvestForProgress

Smt Smriti Irani started her career as a model and an actress and is now a Member of Parliament and a Cabinet Minister in Modi Governmemt. Who better than a HomeMaker to know the importance of Savings and Investing? Women are the best multi taskers and can manage work - life balance extremely well. Don't just earn - invest.

I am capable of more - Health & Fitness Expert #InvestForProgress

Hon. Smt Nirmala Sitharaman has donned many hats; latest being that of Finance Minister. Who better than a HomeMaker to know the importance of Savings and Investing? Women are the best multi taskers and can manage work - life balance extremely well. Don't just earn - invest.

The Marathon of Life – Market Volatility

From cancelled holidays to work resignations, you deal with a lot of ups and downs in your life! Why not stay resilient in your investments as well?

The Marathon of Life – Risk

“Willingness to take RISK is the path to success” – Biz Stone

Risk and Reward go hand in hand. Take risks according to your capacity and responsibilities in life. Path that may look less risky may turn out to be riskier for reasons unknown to you. Similarly, not investing in one asset class due to your perception of risk, may in the long run give you rewards beyond your imagination. Similarly, the asset class that you may have invested due to your perception of it being less riskier, may in the long run turn out to be the worst investment decision of your life. Biggest Risk in life is not taking any Risk – be it in life or in Investments.

The Marathon of Life – Diversification

“Dream, Diversify and never miss an angle”-Walt Disney
Life of a Triathlete and his diversification into Running, Cycling and Swimming. Some weak elements in one field made up by strengths in the other fields. Diversification of his strengths by this “Iron Man” in different genres helped him reduce risk of failures. 
An apt message for our Investors to diversify across Asset Classes and reduce risk of failures. Outperformance in one asset class helps to cushion underperformance in other asset classes and vice versa. No asset class can consistently perform across all market cycles. Reduce risk of failures through DIVERSIFICATION.

The Marathon of Life – Compounding

It applies both in life and in investments. Longer you nurture and work towards your goal; more impact in your ultimate success. You will be able to make 1+1=3. An inspiring journey of a Marathoner - her journey from 2 kms to 450 kms and multiplier effect to her efforts during this journey should be shared with our Investors. Let them understand the true meaning of Power of Compounding in the language they will relate to and understand.

The Marathon of Life – Seek Guidance

In life you need a good “Friend, Guide and a Philosopher”. Remember the difference in winning Mahabharat Battle by Pandavas v/s Kauravas was their respective Mentors viz. Krishna v/s Shakuni. Similarly, choose your Financial Advisors wisely and let them guide you on the path of Financial Nirvana.

The Marathon of Life – Step Up

Do not be complacent in life. Set your standards high and push yourself harder. Do not sit on your past laurels. Step up your investments with every increment in your Income standard to achieve your Financial Goals sooner than later. Early Financial Freedom will release you from clutches of TIME.

The Marathon of Life – Its Never Too late

Many start to look after their health only post some medical emergencies. Should they give up looking after their Health or start to look after their Health from that time onwards? Many Investors regret not starting their Investment journey early. Message for them: “it is Never Too Late to Start your Investment journey”. Do not be part of the Rat Race – Race for your Dreams and Aspirations.

The Marathon of Life – Have a Goal

Until you set your standards higher and move out of your comfort zone; you will not achieve the highs of Success. Push yourself that extra mile every day and every moment of your life. Once you reach your Financial Goals; reset your Goals a little higher than the last one. Strive to achieve it. In the end you will not realise the mountain of success you will be sitting on.

The Marathon of Life – Start Early

Olympians are not born but they work hard to be one. They start early in their lives to reach their Goals. Make TIME your FRIEND and not your ENEMY. Make Saving and Investing part of your DNA from an early stage in your lives to achieve many or most of your goals and beyond

The Marathon of Life – Be Resilient

Life journeys and investment journeys are not one linear path and line. There will be many highs and lows; many lonely moments when you will need to introspect and be patient; long winding and curvy roads through which you will need to be mentally and emotionally strong to come out on top. As journey from 1.2 kms to 21 kms Marathon cannot be achieved overnight nor will 10,000 to 20,000 NIFTY journey happen overnight. Be RESILIENT.