MisterBond's Rolling Returns Calculator


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Using Point to Point returns has become a norm rather than an exception in the Mutual Fund Industry. This is nothing but post mortem of past performance (from today to past 12/24/36 months etc.). This analysis cannot tell you consistency of performance of a particular scheme. However, Rolling Returns (calculated either daily, weekly, monthly) for say 12/24/36/60 months period will give an accurate picture of a schemes performance (over selected time frame, say Rolling Returns from 2001 to 2018), consistency of the scheme, minimum returns, maximum returns and average returns over that selected time frame. This is a unique calculator designed by MisterBond to not only give summary of Minimum, Maximum, Average returns of a scheme along with Standard Deviation data which measures volatility; but also analysis of number of observations which delivered say negative returns < 0, 0-10%, 10-20% and so on and so forth. All Advisors should embrace Rolling Returns analysis and show case these results to their Investors and guide them correctly.