MisterBond's Rolling Returns Calculator


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Using Point to Point returns has become a norm rather than an exception in the Mutual Fund Industry. This is nothing but post mortem of past performance (from today to past 12/24/36 months etc.). This analysis cannot tell you consistency of performance of a particular scheme. However, Rolling Returns (calculated either daily, weekly, monthly) for say 12/24/36/60 months period will give an accurate picture of a scheme’s performance (over selected time frame – say Rolling Returns from 2001 to 2018), consistency of the scheme, minimum returns, maximum returns and average returns over that selected time frame. This is a unique calculator designed by MisterBond to not only give summary of Minimum, Maximum, Average returns of a scheme along with Standard Deviation data which measures volatility; but also analysis of number of observations which delivered say negative returns < 0, 0-10%, 10-20% and so on and so forth. All Advisors should embrace Rolling Returns analysis and show case these results to their Investors and guide them correctly.