Check List for Smooth & Effective Financial Planning (24 Mins 29 Secs)


Life Journey through Financial Planning

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How from a meagre salary of Rs.15,000 p.m. one can  become a crorepati (3 Mins 29 Secs)

Insurance: Use it for Risk Cover and not for Investments

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When do traditional Insurance policies become redundant and what should Investors do under such circumstances? (8 Mins 15 Secs)

Check list for Smooth and Effective Financial Journey

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Some practical guide on how to make your Financial Planning journey smooth and effective and 4 Rules of Successful investing. Video Clip of Udayan Mukherjee on why no one predict markets (10 Mins 25 Secs)

Rule of 70:30

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Nothing to do with Financial Planning journey, but if understood and adopted in your day to day life – will make your Investors lives less complicated and more enjoyable (2 Mins 20 Secs)