Mutual Fund Debt Certification Course

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Understanding Different Debt Market Instruments

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Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposit, Non Convertible Debentures, Government Security, State Development Loans, Structured Obligations (4 Mins 45 Secs)

Understanding Debt Market Jargons

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Accrual, Mark to Market, Average Maturity, Duration, Modified Duration, Difference between Coupon, Yield & YTM, Steep Yield Curve, Inverted Yield Curve, Hair Cut  (7 Mins 57 Secs)

Macro Economic Jargons

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Gross Domestic Product, Fiscal Deficit, Current Account Deficit, Open Market Operation, Monetary Policy Rates, Monetary Policy Committee (3 Mins 33 Secs)

Understanding Bond Market Concepts

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How do Debt Schemes Generate Returns?, Hold To Maturity, Roll Down, Constantly Rolling Down, Compression, Debt Market Movements (2010 -2012) (6 Mins 21 Secs)

How do Fund Managers use Different Concepts and Construct Schemes – Accrual and Short Term

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Concept - Hold to Maturity, Roll Down and Constantly Rolling Down, HTM + Roll Down (5 Mins 1 Secs)

How do Fund Managers use Different Concepts and Construct Schemes – Dynamic and Duration

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Concept - Duration,Dynamic Bond Funds. Debt Market Constituents & Correlation, Duration (5 Mins 30 Secs)

Understanding Debt Market Risks and Apply Your Minds

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Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk, Some Important SEBI Guidelines, Think Logically (6 Mins 58 Secs)