Effective Investor Communication (39 Mins 39 Secs)

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Rule of 30:30

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How do you wake up Investors from their slumber and make them take their Financial Planning seriously by explaining Rule of 30:30. What all do Investors have to achieve during their 30 Years of Professional life? (5 mins 17 Secs)

Pre Financial Planning Steps

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What is Pre Financial planning steps and why are they important for continuance of Financial Planning of Investors? Why and how to protect Income streams? (7 mins 55 Secs)

Financial Prudence and Second Source of Income

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How Saving and Investing (financial prudence) at every Stage in your life helps in creating a second source of Income going forward (5 mins 50 Secs)

Its Your Life-Stop Giving Excuses

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How small savings from different pockets of day to day expenses can help your Investors create wealth and second source of Income (8 Mins 25 Secs)

Difference between Savings and Investments

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Myth: Savings = Investing. How Rule of 72 helps your Investor to understand the impact of Inflation on savings that is not invested (4 mins 05 Secs)

Invisible Villain called Inflation

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Why take into account the impact of inflation while doing Financial Planning exercise for your Investors (4 mins 06 Secs)

Take Care of Your Family’s Interests

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Financial Planning is not only numbers. Incorporate other practical elements to make it effective for you and your family (4 Mins 41 Secs)