Course 9 - Understanding Equity Markets and Jargons (45:07)


Patience is a Virtue in Equity Investing and Why Ride Volatility?

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Do Not Lose Patience. Do not adopt short term approach to achieving Long Term goals. Investment process has to be slow, disciplined and long term process (5 Mins 06 Secs)

Invest for Long Term and is Gold an Investment?

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Treat Equity asset class as long term as your Real Estate and Jewellery. Make them multi generation assets and is Gold an investment or an allocation? (9 Mins 41 Secs)

Ride Volatility & How and Why

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Equity market returns are do not happen in one linear line. Why continue with SIPs during volatile markets? Hold your investments for recommended investment horizons (8 Mins 20 Secs)

Why Power of Compounding is known as 8th Wonder of the World?

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How to explain Power of Compounding through story of “3 Little Pigs and a Wolf” (5 Mins 18 Secs)

Understand Equity Market Signals

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“If you respect market signals, markets will respect you back, but if you ignore fundamentals, markets will give you a reality check” – MisterBond (7 Mins 10 Secs)

Understanding Equity Markets beyond Fundamental Analysis

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What should be Negative List in Equity investing? Correlation between Sensex 10 Year Rolling Returns and Equity Market Performance going forward (10 Mins 12 Secs)