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Fellow Advisors

At the outset I must thank Mr Vijay Venkatram ( Founder- Wealth Forum) for giving birth to Mr Bond. He was the one who christened me as Mr Bond when I started writing articles for his website. This brand has grown over the years & is treated as synonymous with good advice, correct advice, & an unbiased advice. Mr Bond has gained credibility, trust, faith & respect of his fellow advisors. Together with Wealth Forum , Mr Bond will continue to advise the IFA community & share his thoughts & insights gained over 28 years of experience in Finance markets.

Your love, affection, recognition and acceptance of Mr Bond & his articles has given me confidence of hosting an exclusive website dedicated to the needs of our community. We have worked really hard to bring Mutual Fund Industry to it’s current level. However, our last mile connect with investors seems to be still eluding us. We are missing out somewhere to convert investors to look at mutual funds as their first recall investment vehicle.

This is because investors have suffered time & again due to omissions & commissions by all participants of our industry. We need to bring back confidence of investors . This can happen only if we first think of investor needs and then provide solutions to fit those needs.

Even in the asset allocation triangle, most stable & bigger pie is given to cash & debt solutions. As we go higher up the triangle, rest of the asset classes like equity, real estate, commodities, etc get clubbed and form top of the triangle. Our industry unfortunately is missing out on converting conservative FD investors to first look at bottom of the pyramid i.e. debt. We are jumping the gun & going straight at top of the pyramid ( riskiest asset classes). This is where we have lost confidence of investors time & again.


This website is dedicated to bring back investors to look at mutual fund through a) debt solutions & then convert them slowly & gradually to b) equity and other asset classes which form the top of the pyramid. Biggest competitor to our industry is Bank Fixed Deposits .If we are able to convince investors on how we can beat FDs on various parameters of returns, liquidity, tax efficiency, etc , we can then graduate investors to take the next step.

I will try to demystify debt and related schemes & try and create solutions for investors from existing vanilla products provided by AMCs. This will be done thru strategies & positioning each asset class correctly so that it makes investment sense to investors. This will be posted on this website from time to time & also shared with you all when I conduct workshops.

I would urge all of you to keep interacting with me thru my website by posting your comments on my articles & give suggestions as to what would you like me to comment/write on as my next subject. If all of us start speaking the same language – investor centric language, our industry should scale new heights in no time.

I conduct workshops on various subjects for the benefit of IFA community ( click on icon “About Me“ for details of the same) . I do that in different cities across country ( click on icon “ Event” for events that are already conducted & those which are likely to be conducted in the near future) . This will help you to know if any event is being conducted in your city; which you can attend . You may wish to request your local AMCs to conduct some of these workshops in your city and may even suggest subjects on which you wish me to throw more light on. Your valuable inputs in the matter will help evolve our partnership further.

Happy advising & happy investing

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