10 Intertwined Reasons why Investment Returns are not Investor Returns

Session held on 6 Sep 21

Reason No 1: No Exit Strategy
Reason No 2: Not Content
Reason No 3: FOMO
Reason No 4: Over Confidence
Reason No 5: Not Respecting Market Signals
Reason No 6: Fear
Reason No 7: Lack of Patience
Reason No 8: Lack of Discipline
Reason No 9: Herd Mentality
Reason No 10: Frequent Portfolio Reviews

Getting into the Mind of a Fund Manager

Session held on 9 Aug 21

  • Investment Philosophy and Selection Process
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Framework for identifying Quality Businesses
  • Qualitative Analysis

How to Select Schemes?

Session held on 2 Aug 21

  • How to select schemes for Investments?
  • Should one invest in NFOs?
  • Currently, which scheme to invest in and why?