Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 1

In spite of Delays, Downgrades and Defaults in Debt papers, should one invest in Edelweiss Bharat Bond Fund? Why?

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 2

Won’t there be volatility in 10 Year option of Edelweiss Bharat Bond Fund due to Interest Rate fluctuations? How should Investors handle this?

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 3

Aren’t interest rates in Indian context on softer side to invest in Edelweiss Bharat Bond Fund? Where do we see interest rates in a decade or so?

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 4

What are other different NEED-SOLUTION approach for Edelweiss Bharat Bond Fund?

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 5

Should Edelweiss Bharat Bond be treated as just another long-term Debt scheme? Or, is there any other way to look at it with NEED-SOLUTION approach? 

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 6

So far Investments in Debt schemes was only for short term. How and why should we look to invest in Edelweiss Bharat Bond Fund for Long Term and why?

BHARAT Bond ETF - Episode 7

How and when can one create Cash Flows from Edelweiss Bharat Bond Fund? Also, can young Investors invest in this scheme and why?